The Winery

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Wine tourism complex STAROSEL is located in the second security area of the Thracian cult center. Built on an area of 23 acres and its interesting and impressive architecture can be compared to an ancient monastery. Manufacturing plant has an annual capacity of processing 1000 tons of grapes and has unique for Bulgaria manufacturing technology, as well as special equipment for fermentation and selection of grapes. An interesting attraction is the distillery and the bowl for production of traditional Bulgarian brandy. Produced grape brandy is made from wine distillate aged in oak barrels and fruit brandy is made from plum, cleansed of the kernel of the fruit. Enoteca complex resembles the rotunda, which became the new temple of Dionysus Temple, where you can experience the world of ancient Thracians. Vintners of cellar “Starosel” lit one flame, which will leave a trail in modern times and will carry through the centuries the tradition of the ancient Thracians that left us the art to make and drink wine. Natural materials and handmade furniture and fabrics in the hotel section represent the magic of Bulgarian folklore. Combining the gifts of Mother Nature and man’s desire to reveal them, the Wine Complex “Starosel” is a real treasure for wine and spa tourism.