The Winery

We are pleased to present to you the wine STRYMON of Levunovo vineyards the wine that carries its message ‘felicite’ from ancient times.

Having been inspired by the old Bulgarian traditions, we decided to create our own brand of boutique wines.

For the production of these wines we obtain grapes from our own vineyards that stretch on an area of 45 ha in the Valley of Struma River in South-west Bulgaria. Legends of the mastery of Ancient Thracians, who inhabited those lands and impressed the ancient world by their wine-making skills, are still living here. Guided by our love of traditions, history and good wine, we decided to revive the good practices of ancient masters and impress the modern world in our turn

We have chosen the name STRYMON, which is the name of the ancient god of Struma River that runs in proximity to the vineyards.

We have also chosen that region for its climatic features which are close to those of the Mediterranean region and permit growing quality grape varieties in conditions of unique terroir that has no analogue in the world.1 These blessed conditions permit growing varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sirah, Cabernet Franc, Nebbiolo, Petit Verdo, Sangioveze, and Shiroka Melnishka Loza which is traditional for that region. We use these varieties to produce first quality wine by a technology that conforms to traditions and modern achievements in wine-making. Optimizing the yields to 3500- 4500 kg/ha, alongside with managing the vine plant nutritional regimen and canopy management manipulations, provide us a possibility to ‘create the wine of the specific vineyard’, obtaining a raw material with precisely defined composition and quality. Monitoring the chemical composition of grapes during ripening enables us to define precisely the date of grape harvest. We practice manual selective grape harvest. Grapes are cooled in a refrigeration chamber to a temperature of 12-13°, depending on the selected technology. Alcohol fermentation is performed using a pure yeast culture and all fermentation parameters are automatically controlled. The vinification technology includes controlled malolactic fermentation. Wines are formed in containers made of stainless steel or oak barrels, depending on the style of the specific wine.

Focusing on the production details at every stage is so precise because STRYMONis mostly a product of our desire to present our hobby to all wine connoisseurs.

You are welcome to share with us the pleasure of drinking a glass of unique, aromatic, first class Bulgarian wine!


NOTE: 1 The average annual temperature is 13.9°С (at average for Bulgaria – 10.5°С), while the average relative humidity of air is the lowest for the country – 66%. The average number of days with rainfall of above 1 mm is only 69-70 and the quantity is 533 mm/square m (at 623 mm/square m for Bulgaria). The duration of sunshine is the biggest for the country – 2506 hours. Due to the considerable sunshine, the snow cover in the region stays only for several days during the winter months, at average temperature of 2?3.4°С. The temperature sum of the period with a temperature of above 10° is 4400°С, and sunshine during the vegetation period is 1742 h, at 2506 h per year, the relative humidity of air in July – August is 61% and the ground altitude is 200 m at average. Winds have an average speed of 2 m/s and good air drainage due to the open ground. The vineyards are situated on smooth hills with a slope of 2-9°. Soils are cinnamon, forest and deluvial-meadow, respectively medium sandy-clay, poorly stony and medium powerful, medium sandy-clay. They are characterized with good aeration, average water permeability and medium water-retention ability.