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Starosel Grape Rakia 2012

Vintage: 2012
Alkohol content: 40.0%
Region – Thrace, Bulgaria
Climate and soil type – The region is characterized by a continental climate and warm and dry summer with consistent rainfalls throughout the entire vegetative phase. The winter is mild with no ground frost. The clay and maroon soil types are rich in active carbonates and have excellent structure which is exceptionally suitable for growing red wine types.
Harvesting – Selective manual picking – the sugar content does not exceed 25% while the average yield amounts to 6500 kg per ha.
Production process – This rakia is produced through high quality equipment, that combines in itself what is proven to be right by the long tradition, and some brand new distillation technologies. Our distiller is made out of copper and runs on fire, but next to that it is capable to refine the spirit through multiple distillation – a process that ensures that no methanol enters the final result – and preheat the fruits, so that all the aromas and tastes get maximally assimilated.
Type – Brandy
Characteristics of the spirit – This rakia is made from high quality grapes. There is a balance in its bouquet of grapes between the sharp aroma that is typical for the regional production, and the mild taste that is a result of the multiple distillation. The delicate aroma of the grapes is preserved and combined with soft piquancy. The amber – like color is result of the aging in oak barrels.
A dish to pair – It is an ideal appetizer. It can be combined with Shopska salad (tomato, cucumber, onions and white chees), green salads and all types of cheese starters.
Serving – The wine is served cooled (4″- 5″С).

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